Pattern: Smitten Kitten by Sew Fresh Quilts
Fabrics: Variety from my stash
Time to sew: about 30 minutes each block
Difficulty rating: ★★

I posted earlier about my mishaps with my Smitten Kitten block, but take a look at my blocks now! Aren’t they the cutest things! Once I figured out what I was doing wrong I quickly and easily made several more little kitties. These really are fun to make, I think the most fun is picking out some fun fabrics.

I keep thinking about what my young granddaughter would like. I know her favorite color is purple, so I’m leaning towards those colors. Of course she also likes pink and blue…. 🙂 This blue flower one is a favorite,

But I also like this purple one

Or take a look at THIS one, how colorful is it?

The plan is for 20 of these which means I’m half way there. At this rate they will be done in a couple days. The pattern has an alternate to give them a white face, if you look at the yellow one you will see that. I’m thinking of the many kitties I’ve seen with a white patch, I think I’m going to try to give my next one a little white spot towards the top, near the ears.

We’ll see. My next plan is for trucks and cars for the grandson. I also heard a request for a wall hanging from an older child….