Pattern: Swoon by Camille Roskelley
Fabrics: Nest by Lella Boutique
Time to sew: about 2 hours
Difficulty rating: ★★★

I haven’t posted for awhile, but I am super busy doing some secret sewing. I volunteer with a youth organization and every year at this time I am busy sewing dressed for the girls. This year I have 7 dressed to sew in the next 43 days! Darrell is going to be doing most of the dinners and chores that need to be done. This past weekend I needed to clear off my cutting table so I could get started. I had a tough decision to make: do I just pack away my Swoon fabric, or take the time to finish the blocks I had cut out before starting on the “have to” sewing. Hmmm, I think you can figure out what I decided 🙂 I am falling in love more and more with my Swoon quilt. As I finished each block I thought, “this is my favorite one”. I am super excited to finish the rest of the blocks, but for now they are put away. I will get back to them mid-July. A reminder, this is the selection of the Nest fabric line I am going to use.

And here’s the blocks I managed to finish:

Isn’t this green and floral the cutest. This one is actually backwards from what I intended. I apparently have difficulty remembering which is fabric #1 and which is #2. I made two of my blocks backwards. When I realized it (one fat quarter was all cut out!), I was tempted to try to figure out how I could save it somehow, but decided to just use them the way they were cut. I ended up loving both of the “wrong” blocks and might even make a couple of the rest the same way. The blocks are HUGE! I know the pattern said 24″ squares, but I guess I just didn’t stop to think about how big those are. It only calls for 9 blocks and I think that’s going to be plenty big enough.

Here’s the other “backwards” block. I LOVE the peach color of this block.

Here’s another favorite – I told you, every block is my new favorite – at least until the next one is made

I Love blue, all shades of blue, so don’t tell any of the others, but this one just might be my top favorite one.

Or, at least until this one, I really love the pink and green combination.

I will be very glad to finish my “must sew” list so I can get back to what I want to sew. And, the rest of the Swoon blocks will be on the top of that list.