Pattern: Seeing Stars by Melissa Corry
Fabrics: Vintage Christmas by Bonnie and Camille

This week we are making Improv Stars, or Wonky stars. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like making these. I struggled with the whole “wonky” part. My brain tends to want to make things match (you might already know that!) and not having the pieces line up was very difficult for me. And, then there was the whole having to rip over half of them our to make sure the wonky part covered up the background part. Some of them I had to rip out several times. Like, several, meaning more than twice! I just couldn’t get them to work. So, it was a battle for me to get them made and since I’m being honest, the only reason they are done is because I refused to have them laying on my cutting table since I knew they were laughing at me. So, I kept at it and spent most of the day today getting these made. Whew! they’re done.

And, then a funny thing happened…….

I actually LIKE them. Yeah, who knew maybe my brain can deal with some wonky. Sure, some of them are pretty wonky and some barely have some star parts, but maybe I am just super proud of myself because I finished them, but I really do like them after all. So, I’m going to make some more with the other fabric line and see how they turn out. But, for now, wonky is done 🙂