Pattern: Seeing Stars by Melissa Corry
Fabrics: Vintage Christmas by Bonnie and Camille

this week is “sew the top together” and I managed to get it done before I leave to visit my mom this weekend. I am so happy with how this turned out and thrilled that I will now have a Christmas quilt done before Christmas this year. I somehow managed to not quite sew the sections the way we were supposed to, and I just now see that I turned a couple around, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a quilt full of stars and I love it. I will be able to get this posted for the grand prize link-up, but will not have it done in time to post for the completed quilt parade as Darrell and I leave for our cruise in 12 days! I am super excited about that and glad to get this done before we leave. I think I love the pinwheel blocks the best. The pink doesn’t show up very well in my basement lighting.
Look, I even managed to get the ornaments going the right way (just don’t turn the quilt around)
I didn’t worry too much about making sure the applique blocks were square in the center, after all, we all know stars hang in the sky all different ways.
I absolutely love the stripes and plaid fabric. I think the red plaid with the blue with red dots (of course it’s pinwheel) block is my all time favorite block. And it might just be another reason is because my points turned out perfectly πŸ™‚

This quilt is LARGE, my 6’4″ tall quilt holder couldn’t hold it out straight. It measures 80 x 80 which will be perfect to go on a bed, or cuddle up with on a cold winter night. As we were folding it up I said WAIT! so I managed to get some quadrant photos:Can you tell how much I love this quilt? πŸ™‚

Now I have to work on my other top πŸ™‚ I managed to keep up with one of these, but there was no way I could keep up with both of them. Maybe I can try to get it done before we leave, we’ll see how it goes. Here’s where it is when I left off trying to keep up with it also.

I made one pinwheel block (upper right corner), I used the shiny silver from the Vintage Holiday with the dark blue from this line and I LOVE how it pops. I didn’t really like it with the reds and pinks of the VH line, it didn’t seem to be able to shine like it needed to but I love how silver and blue look so I thought I would try this combination and I plan on using it some more as I finish this top. I still need to make the applique stars and the basic stars, in addition to the rest of the pinwheels. Think I can get it done before we leave on the 10th? I don’t know, but going to try.

Thank you, Melissa Corry for a great quilt a long, the directions were great, easy to understand and I am very glad I decided to quilt along with everyoneΒ  else.