Pattern: Seeing Stars by Melissa Corry
Fabrics: Holly Woods by 3 Sisters

Well, I guess I just needed practice because THIS set of Wonky Stars went great! I cut out and sewed yesterday (Sunday) and by last night pretty much had them done, only needed about 30 more minutes tonight to finish them up. I only needed to re-do a couple star points and I actually enjoyed sewing them this time. I am so glad that I didn’t let my first experience talk me into not doing them again. While I’m not sure I would make a quilt of these stars, I am very happy (and proud) that I finished both sets. So, here’s my second set of Improv Stars


Yes, they are still mostly matching colors, but I like them and that’s what is important.

And, here’s a picture of my design wall. I don’t even have the last two weeks’ blocks on it, I think I need to re-look at how big this quilt is going to finish because these are filling up my wall!