Pattern: Seeing Stars by Melissa Corry
Fabrics: Holly Woods by 3 Sisters

I managed to finish my second Seeing Stars quilt before we leave on our cruise! When I took a look at what I still needed to do and what was already done, I only had to do the Basic and Applique Stars. I decided to spend a few minutes each morning and then each night sewing. My goal was at least 15 minutes each time/day and some nights I managed to squeeze out a few more. But, it’s done and I love it! If you ignore that there’s holly in the fabric, this could be a summer quilt with the colors. It’s a cloudy rainy day, but the colors are rich and vibrant. I love the reds and blues. Here’s one quadrant, again, this quilt is so large (80 x 80) that my 6’4″ husband can’t hold it all the way out. Another quadrant
And another one. I love that silver and blue pinwheel. The silver is from the other line of fabric I used but I love the way silver and blue look together to I used some of that in this quilt.

And the last quadrant. If you have read all my posts on this top, you will notice that I decided to NOT change the top right block. I decided instead of re-doing it to keep it and it will be a reminder to me about color and hues. In the end, it will not bother me and I decided to keep it.

And, that’s a wrap. This quilt a long was fun and I look forward to participating in another one. I think one lesson I learned is to not try to do two at the same time. While I love both of them and managed to get both of them done it was a struggle and I couldn’t keep up on a weekly basis. Now, I’m taking my sewing machines into the shop for a good cleaning while Darrell and I spend the next 2 weeks on a vacation/cruise in Europe! I am super excited and very glad to have these done and off the list before we leave.