Pattern: Ombre Heart Pouch by Sew Lux Fabric
Fabrics: Grunge Hits the Spots by Basic Grey and Crossweave in Black by Moda
Quilted by: Me
Time to sew: 3 hours
Difficulty rating: ★★

I love zipper pouches, in fact I have lots of them, and have made tons! They are quick, easy and make a great gift. Put a couple fun small items inside and you have the perfect “thank you” for anyone. So, when I heard the Chrissy from SewLux Fabrics has a monthly pouch club SIGN ME UP!! I actually got my first one in January, but due to other activities haven’t had time to make that one. So when I just got February’s, and had some time this weekend, it was first on my list to do. I decided to time myself and see how long it took me. I started just after 8:00, and was completely done at 11:00, so almost 3 hours. But, wait…. you need to hear “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. Let me start at the beginning…..

I love that by getting a pre-decided kit I am forced to try some new fabrics and styles that I might not have otherwise. I have never used the Crossweave and love it! it’s so soft, you just want to run your hands over it. It does fray a bit so be careful handling it. This pattern uses a mini charm pack and since I have some in my stash I am already having some ideas for my next pouch. I was excited, read quickly thru the directions and started laying out my colors. How hard can this be? after all, I’ve made LOTS of zipper pouches. So, first you have to decide on color layout, then cut the mini charms into a 2 small squares and 1 rectangle. First up, can I say I’ve decided I really don’t like small pieces But, I decided and sewed my squares together and got ready to sew them to the rectangles. At no point did my brain say…. “umm, Dorothy, when you sew the seam the squares will no longer fit the rectangles”. It wasn’t until I was matching them up that I realized I had a problem

See what I mean? So, I go back to the directions, yup! right there, it says to first cut the mini charms down to 2″ well DARN! so I carefully trimmed all my squares and I was back on track. you make three squares and then cut your background into various pieces and one of them is a square to sew to make basically a 4-patch. Easy! I start cutting my Crossweave. Hmmm, “Cut 1 9″ x 21”. then sub-cut. Ok, I begin

Do not ask me how, I have no idea, but somehow I cut my background the opposite way (the 18″ side instead of the 21″ side) I was supposed to! ARGH!!!! so, I carefully read my directions and cut all my pieces out to make sure I could fit them in. Fortunately, I was able to, but at this point I got a pen out and started marking off the steps of the directions because obviously this was going to be one of THOSE days!

Things went well from then on, I sewed my top – about an hour. Then sewed the back piece – about another hour. Did some shadow sewing to outline the heart shape, but at this point I could see the end in sight and wanted to get done. Next up was the zipper and lining, I’m in familiar territory so humming along. And before too long it was done! I love my pouch and can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month. What did I learn from this? 1. I’m going to try to use Crossweave in a quilt. I think it would be a super soft addition and it sewed beautifully. 2. Read the directions! even if you think you know what you’re doing, read and then read them again.


Thanks Chrissy for a great pattern, I loved it and am excited for next month.