Pattern: First Blush Block of the Month created by It’s Sew Emma, sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop
Fabrics: First Blush by Windham Fabrics
Difficulty rating: ??

I signed up for this Block of the Month (BOM) awhile ago, in fact, I don’t even know how long ago, but probably just less than 2 years ago. I know I’ve gotten all the blocks, so at least over a year ago! I put it in it’s storage box and kept meaning to pull it out. In fact, I would take it out, look over the book and fabric and say “soon”. Other things just kept rising to a higher priority. Well, I’ve decided I will never get it done if I don’t at least start it! So, my August One Monthly Goal is to finish at least 2 of the blocks. I’d love to say more, but realistically, I’d better go with 2 blocks. And, in that spirit, I pulled out the book and fabric, found the first two blocks and decided to get started! Wahoo!!! here I go. But, as many times I kept reading the instructions, they made no sense at all. There was no cutting directions for the first 2 blocks. It truly baffled my mind. how in the heck was I supposed to sew the strips when I had no idea what size the strips were to be? I carefully started on page 1, read the “tips” that are provided. Yup, got them, next page is the list of fabric provided; verified I had all of them, then the next page goes right into “line up the A2 line on the ruler”….wait, what? Read a few more pages, the next page is talking about month 3, yeah, ok, but what about month 1 and 2? How am I going to do this?

For some reason, I looked at the page numbers. WOW! I found my problem, I go from page 6 to 15. That might be a critical part I’m missing 🙂

I quickly scanned the rest of my book, yeah, definitely have some page issues.

A quick call to the Fat Quarter Shop and a new book is on the way to me. But, for this reason my goal isn’t to necessarily finish block 1 and 2, but 2 blocks, any 2 blocks. It looks like I will be starting in the middle and coming back to the beginning when my new book arrives.


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