Pattern: First Blush Block of the Month created by It’s Sew Emma, sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop
Fabrics: First Blush by Windham Fabrics

I started August with the goal of making two blocks. I had a problem with my book (I was missing quite a few pages), but Fat Quarter Shop got me a new one sent quickly and the first thing I did was make sure the pages were all there πŸ™‚ My goal was to make 2 blocks, any blocks, not necessarily theΒ first two blocks. However, I got my new book so quickly that I decided to start at the beginning and work my way thru.

Block 1 went pretty quickly, it was the first time I had used a 30 degree ruler but the directions were pretty clear and I had the block finished in no time. I love the delicate pink and yellow prints. Not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of my center point on this one. There is a lot of fabric in that teeny tine center point and it’s difficult to sew and iron that section.

Block 1 went pretty quickly, so onto block 2. This one is a smaller center medallion. Yeah, that center point is a little wonky, but I’m still pretty pleased with it.
These blocks will be trimmed down to 12.5 inches once they are sewn. Since I got blocks 1 and 2 done so quickly, I pushed onto the next month. Before I knew it I had 8 blocks done! Uh Oh, this picture makes me sing the Sesame Street song “One of these blocks is not like the others, one of these blocks doesn’t belong.” Can you see what I did wrong? It makes a BIG difference where you put your ruler and you have to pay attention to where the white strip and color strip are when you place the ruler to cut! The center white star sure is pretty, I don’t want to cut it down into the square as that will lose the colored points, so I will need to figure out what to do with that block. I probably have some pink gingham and red flowers that I can use to make the correct block to replace it in the quilt, but I just laughed at myself when I had to sewn together and realized it. What does that say about my attention if it literally took ALL sewing of the block to realize I’d made a mistake πŸ™‚

These are fun, but they are having to move to the back burner while I finish some other projects. They will come back out later this fall/winter to get finished, but for August, I managed to make my One Monthly Goal.


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