Fabrics: Flannel
Quilted by: N/A
Time to sew: 30 minutes each
Difficulty rating: ★

A few Christmas’ ago I made my grandkids a new pillowcase, out of flannel. Because, you have to have a flannel pillowcase in the winter, right?! Well, apparently a tradition was started since if you do it more than once it’s a TRADITION. So, now every year I make a pillowcase for the grandkids. I try to find fabric depicting something that they each like. For the littles, it’s easy. They love airplanes, trucks, cars, trains, Frozen…. the harder ones are the older ones. Although Abby is still pretty easy, she loves horses! But what to do for the older boys? They are getting more difficult each year. And I didn’t realize until I posted this that I somehow missed getting pictures of theirs. Maybe I can sneak in a picture next time I visit them. This pattern is the easiest, quickest pillowcase pattern there is, you lay the three (or two if you want) fabrics together, roll the body up, sew the top seam, pull the body out, and then sew the sides and bottom together. Don’t tell the kids, I like them thinking I did all that hard work for them.