I’m really wishing I had my design wall when I started this quilt. I didn’t have anywhere big enough to lay it out and keep it laid out so I could better plan on where my stars were going to be, and make sure I had equal red and blue made into stars. I started this last summer when Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company did a tutorial. I loved the idea of a patriotic quilt with using the white strips for the stars. But, I got frustrated and put it away. You can see where I left off sewing, just under the 5 stars.

Since I just emptied my wall (Melissa they are heading your way!), I figured it was the perfect time to get it back out and finish it. Well, now I have to decide if I’m going to be ok with it – the star placement is a bit wonky, and I have way more blue squares than red squares so I had to make some “making do” by sewing some not-quite-matching reds together. And, yes, there’s one blue filling in for a red. But….. a very wise person told me once that done is better than not done. So….. do I just finish this the way it is and be glad I’ve learned some lessons while doing so. I’m leaning that way 🙂