Pillowcase sewing

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Pattern: Roll-up pillowcase Fabrics: assorted flannel Time to sew: 1/2 hour I just spent a weekend with almost 40 teenage girls teaching them a variety of life skills. One of them was how to make a simple pillowcase. It started a bit rough, but pretty soon I had many of them hooked! I finally had […]

Sam’s Train pillow

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Pattern: Train and Caboose pattern by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts Fabrics: flannel from my stash Time to sew: 1 day Difficulty rating: ★★ I read Lorna’s Sew Fresh Quilts blog and am constantly in awe of the patterns that she designs. I am amazed by creative people that can design something from nothing, that’s not […]

2017 Pillowcases

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Pattern: Fabrics: Flannel Quilted by: N/A Time to sew: 30 minutes each Difficulty rating: ★ A few Christmas’ ago I made my grandkids a new pillowcase, out of flannel. Because, you have to have a flannel pillowcase in the winter, right?! Well, apparently a tradition was started since if you do it more than once […]